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YEVO x Humanium Metal – Crafted from Illegal Firearms

YEVO x Humanium Metal – Crafted from Illegal Firearms

LAS VEGAS – Jan. 9, 2017 – YEVO Labs, a Stockholm-based innovation lab, announces its partnership with Humanium Metal by IM, Swedish Development Partner, which sources the world’s most valuable metal from illegal firearms. The flagship headphone YEVO 1 is the first product to incorporate the metal into a product. By introducing Humanium Metal – a commodity for peace – into the YEVO 1, the brand will help to create new sources of funding for victims and projects aiming to rebuild conflict-torn societies affected by illegal weapon violence. YEVO x Humanium Metal headphones will be available for purchase on YevoLabs.com and select retailers early 2018. Part of the proceeds will be donated to IM’s work in five regions and twelve countries worldwide, as well as local partner organizations.

“Creating YEVO x Humanium Metal, a product that elicits change in such a positive way is the greatest reward,” said Andreas Vural, founder of YEVO Labs and Happy Plugs. “This collaboration is bigger than headphones. It’s part of a global movement that removes illegal firearms from the streets and recycles them into a material that helps move us towards a more peaceful future, all while giving back to those affected by violent crime.”

“For us, it´s of great meaning to be able to work with brands who want to invest in and contribute to a brighter future,” says Josefina Rovan, Head of Marketing & Communication at IM. “By using Humanium Metal in products, together we can bring awareness and sustainable values to consumers, and at the same time, generate financial support and empower the people living in countries affected by gun-violence. Therefore, we are proud to announce our collaboration with YEVO.”

YEVO will incorporate a Humanium Metal build in its earbuds and charging case. By doing so, YEVO is contributing to job opportunities and local income generation, long-term positive effects on economic realities and prosperity for affected societies. A Humanium Metal-based product, such as YEVO x Humanium Metal earbuds, will not only deliver financial support to affected communities, it also holds a strong ethical message surrounding a cause the brand feels strongly about.

Humanium Metal is an initiative by IM, Swedish Development Partner, that works with countries that face gun violence and its detriment to the development of society. To fight the spread of illegal weapons, as well as find new ways to deliver financial support for victims, IM discovered a new way to address the problem. The organization began to seek the support of the most influential lobbying group there is – consumers. IM has spent more than two years establishing a supply chain for Humanium Metal that meets industry standards, as well as developing close ties with governments and local NGOs in countries affected by armed violence.

Joining the movement, YEVO Labs will design its true wireless headphones with Humanium Metal accents on the earbuds themselves and a fully encased metal charging case. The YEVO x Humanium Metal edition will be available to the public early this year for $499 USD – with 50% of the proceeds going to help the initiative. For more information, please visit YEVO Labs’ booth in South Hall 3 Booth 31550 or visit YEVOLabs.com.

YEVO Labs is a Stockholm-based innovation lab at the vanguard of consumer tech, creating and marketing the future of audio. From idea to finished product, YEVO Labs strives to create products that make our lives easier and break boundaries of what is possible. YEVO Labs was born from the creators of Happy Plugs. Founded in 2011 in Stockholm, Sweden, Happy Plugs has developed a strong international appeal by defining its own mix of design and tech. As a global market leader in fashion tech, Happy Plugs is an influential force in the consumer electronics industry. The products are available in the most prestigious concept, department and retail stores in over 70 countries and 10,000 retailers worldwide. Private equity fund Scope Growth III LP is, together with the company’s founder Andreas Vural, major shareholders of the company. For more information, visit http://www.yevolabs.com.


Humanium Metal by IM, Swedish Development Partner is a new metal stemming from seized illegal fire-arms. Humanium Metal constitutes the world´s first full supply chain from illegal fire-arms to metal to products. The premium generated is invested in local initiatives for development and peaceful cohabitation.

Central America has been chosen as the region for the first phase of the initiative. The IM regional office for Central America, located in Guatemala, maintains dialogue with civil society organizations, authorities and private sector in order to deliver a comprehensive and sustainable response to the complex challenge to address the prevailing culture of violence in large parts of the region.

Since the launch in November 2016 (the) Humanium Metal has received important international recognition, including official support from the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In June 2017 Humanium Metal was awarded the “Grand Prix” at the Cannes Lions Fest. For more information, visit http://humanium-metal.com/.


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